Our Females

Australian shepherd

akc and aca aussie

Lilly is our youngest Aussie female. She was born February 25th 2017. She is double registered with AKC and ACA. She is a blue merle. Both her eyes have a speck of blue in them.

AKC Registration

ACA registration

Certified Pedigree

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stock dog

Tasha is our first Aussie female. She was born December 2nd 2015. She is registered with the Stock Dog Registry. She is a blue merle with one blue eye and the other with a speck of blue.

Aussie stock dog registration

Our Male

aussie stud

aussie stud

Quigley is our male Aussie. He was born September 7th 2016. He is AKC registered. He is a tri-color with two brown eyes.

AKC registration